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News in the Network

All Trusts in the Network are expected to achieve compliance with NICE (CG50) requirements for early detection and action on critical illness in ward patients ( This is assessed as part of Network Quality Measures (link).

The National Early Warning Score was developed multilaterally by professional bodies and published in July 2012: National Early Warning Score. In December 2017 an update was released as NEWS 2.

Critical Care representatives from all Trusts in the Network agreed to adopt NEWS as a standard measure and to work with acute Trust nursing, acute medical, and Executive colleagues to facilitate implementation across North West London.

The NEWS implementation group meeting actions original statement of intent is here . This group is now re-designated the Care of the Deteriorating Patient Working Group, and meets on an ad hoc basis depending on need. The group is open to new members. Please contact us here if you are interested in contributing to this work or have a topic you would like us to consider. The Network group has updated the Statement of intent (2015) and notes and agendas of the meetings are here

The Network approach was that NEWS is only effective if implemented with appropriate training and organisational changes, especially around escalation mechanisms for higher-scoring patients. A standardised set of recommendations was developed and circulated to Trust CEOs as an organisation checklist.

Working within this standardised checklist, different sites have differing documentation due to the need to gain local ownership and reflect local infrastructure. The NEWS charts and escalation pathways are being used by all across the Network

More information and examples of charts are hereĀ