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Acute Kidney Injury

The North West London Critical Care Network, in collaboration with the West London Renal and Transplant Centre, functions as one of the five sector networks taking part in the London Acute Kidney Injury Network (LAKIN) initiative.

The organisations share the goal of improving acute kidney care in London through collaborative delivery of AKI pathways supported by education, audit, innovation and research.

The London AKI Network has published clinical guidelines, available in various formats , which are fully endorsed by and compatible with North West London Critical Care Network's Acute Kidney Injury workstream.

Within this wider programme, the North West London Critical Care Network;

  • is developing and piloting a simplified Acute Kidney Injury care bundle for use with emergency and elective patients outside the ICU
  • is developing an audit that will look at patients with Acute Kidney Injury receiving care within a critical care unit
  • will look for the tools, if successful, to be adopted more widely and integrated with the London-wide guidelines in 2013
  • transfer governance process is being used to inform the work about renal patients being transferred within North West London.