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Subglottic aspiration

Suction above the Chord Endotracheal Tubes (SACETT) are used for patients in the ICU whom need intubation and ventilation. They provide the ability to suction pooled secretions (sub-glottal aspiration) from above the cuff on the endotracheal tube (ETT).
Subglottal suctioning is part of a bundle of care with the aim of reducing VAP in the ICU population.

Indications and complications

  • SACETT is indicated for any level 3 patient requiring intubation for longer than 24 hours. This potentially includes patients from A/E, theatres and ward areas. Intubation technique remains unchanged from normal practice.
  • Complications for the SACETT include blockage of the yellow aspiration port. This can be unblocked by using 0.9% saline to gently flush the port, followed by aspiration of the saline

Example tube