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(Archived) - Advanced Respiratory Group

To provide a multi-disciplinary forum for clinical staff seeking to deliver best practice in the management of Advanced Respiratory Failure (ARF) and a cohesive advanced respiratory pathway for patients in North West London.

To consider and implement key features of the FICM paper “Management of acute respiratory failure 2011” within the North West London Critical Care Network to

  • Reduce mortality;
  • Reduce variation in care;
  • Improve outcomes;
  • To consider and implement advanced respiratory pathway including ECMO care within North West London.

Functions of the group
Functions of the group in relation to advanced respiratory failure include:

  • Developing, implementing and reporting audit;
  • Benchmarking progress and delivery of aims;
  • Problem solving;
  • Developing and coordinating information;
  • Developing pathways;
  • Identifying training requirements;
  • Identifying sharing opportunities and presenting of results to wider clinical and multi-disciplinary audiences.