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Information & Quality Group

Aims of the group

  • To build on the extensive work already undertaken in NWL by critical care units and the network to support accurate and consistent interpretation of critical care guidance and recording of critical activity for patients from North West London;
  • To identify and share best practice in information quality and reporting;
  • To provide opportunities for peer group benchmarking within and external to the Network in relation to information and quality data.

Purpose of the group

  • To consider the guidance published by the DH on CCMDs, and on PbR for 2012-13 in relation to critical care;
  • To share and consider the learning arising from any data and validation reviews undertaken by Trusts or other Networks ;
  • To agree best practice validation (without excessive data burden);
  • To identify any changes to be considered for the core CCMDS interpretation document used by acute Trusts and commissioners in the Network;
  • To identify any systematic anomalies in data capture and reporting;
  • To identify if there is any feedback or clarification required for units, for the Network and for the DH ACCIAG group.