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Patient Safety Awards 2013: FINALIST

Improving the transfer of critically ill patients through networked education

Published: 03/05/2013

Rehabilitation - NICE CG 83

Following the Network Event in January, a group of patients, relatives, critical care staff and GPs have been developing a questionnaire

Published: 03/05/2013

Critical Care Transfer Training

The NWL Critical Care Transfer Training 1 day course will be running in multiple venues across the Network in 2013.

Published: 29/04/2013

CVVH patients - data collection stops 1 December

CVVH data collection to cease from 1 December

Published: 26/11/2012

Network videos - latest news

Training videos produced by Network members are now loaded onto all acute trust intranets in North West Lond

Published: 02/07/2012

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