CVVH patients - data collection stops 1 December

Published: 26/11/2012


CVVH data collection to cease from 1st December 2012

Please note that the twice weekly CVVH data collection will cease from 1st December 2012.

This means that the last submission will relate to the position at 10.00am on Thursday 29th November 2012.

The collection will continue as usual until then so that we can be assured that manufacturers are meeting their commitment to reinstate normal supplies.

The collection is being discontinued because stocks of Baxter and Gambro new supply chain consumables have been arriving in the UK and all Trusts’ stock levels should be back to normal by this date.

We would like to thank you for all of your efforts in counting patients needing CVVH and the CVVH stock remaining locally and submitting the data to Unify. The data has been actively used twice a week by Critical Care Networks across England to ensure there were no problems with stock levels in trusts.

Knowing the stock levels at each Trust meant stock swaps could be made easily between organisations to support any sudden increase in patient need that arose. This also maintained continuity of care for these patients and avoided the need to move them to other hospital sites.

If you do experience further problems with stock in your trust, please contact your relevant critical care network lead.

If you have any further queries about this data collection then please contact Yasmin Hussain on 0113 2545670

Thank you once again for your efforts.


CVVH patients - data snapshots

Published: 22/08/2012

CVVH patients – data snapshots
The CVVH data collection went live on 20th August 2012. The CVVH data set is collected twice weekly on Monday and Thursday using the Trust Unify system.

All Trusts in England are reporting:

The purpose of the nationally collated and twice weekly report is to ensure that all hospitals have access to adequate haemofiltration consumables (stock) to meet patient needs locally.

An FAQ on the data set is available on Unify and has been circulated to all critical care units. If you need any further advice or guidance on completing the data set or calculating supply please get in touch with your local Critical Care Network or contact Unify.

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