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Published: 03/05/2013

Update - Rehabilitation after critical illness

Following the Network Event in January, a small group of patients, relatives, critical care staff and GPs have been developing a questionnaire for completion by all critical care units. This looks at the information provided (and to whom), when patients are admitted to ITU, during their ITU stay, when patients are stepped down to ward level care and when patients are discharged from hospital.

The results will be put in a table to show what happens across all units in North West London and will underpin the "to do“ list for the Network's "Rehabilitation after critical illness" task group.

A questionnaire to be completed by a sample of GPs and practices is also being developed.

For further information or to get involved with the group – please contact



Network Event - Rehabilitation after critical illness - 30th January 2013

Published 01/02/2013

Brilliant day yesterday and very well attended. Well if you can put that lot into play what a difference it will make to patients. A managed care path with one person co-ordinating the specialists required to take them from Intensive Care, to the Ward and out to home, with the GPs involved all the way. A cracker.”

Former critical care patients, patient relatives and NHS staff from both acute and community care, met to agree the best ways to improve patient and relatives’ experience of critical care, discharge and recovery outside hospital across North West London.

Powerful verbal and written testimony from patients and representatives, and presentations from intensive care, physiotherapy, and primary care, provided an inspiring starting point for staff from across the 13 hospitals and 8 clinical commissioning groups of the Network.

As well as ideas generated from the discussion, critical care units, community staff and former patients have been emailing in with more ideas.

The day left everyone wanting to get on and quickly make the changes suggested by and for patients.

A short report is being written. A list of actions and ideas is being agreed.

Programme and presentations are available here

A report and action plan will be coming soon

Email us here if you want to be involved.

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