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If you are having trouble playing these videos and you are working within North West London Critical Care Network, all of the training videos are on your organisations Intranet. Contact your ICU or ED lead who will be able to let you know where they are stored on your Intranet.

If you are not working within North West London but would like to discuss potential options to have access to these videos locally please contact us). Advice on Internet access to watch these videos is outlined below.

General Information about the videos and the video player

This website has being designed to work across all browser types and mobile devices (smartphones and tablet devices) capable of playing video files.

It has been tested on the majority of the popular computer browsers and mobile device browsers.

The videos play using HTML 5, if your browser doesn't support HTML 5 the video player will know that and play the video in 'Adobe Flash' instead.

The videos are all streamed directly to you so you don't need to wait for them to download before you can view them.

Do I need to have anything installed to view the movies?

No you don't; if you have a modern browser. If you have an older browser your will need 'Adobe flash' installed.

The videos don't play on my computer?

If the videos just don't play at all when you ask them to there may be two reasons.

I'm inside a corporate NHS network.

I'm at home and on a private (Home type) network.

In most cases this will resolve your viewing problems and you will be able to view the movies. If not please email, if you can take a screenshot of any error message you are getting that would help us resolve your problem.

All the videos on our website have been tested on.

The videos don't play on my mobile device?

The videos are delivered in two formats HTML5 and Adobe flash, which version you see is dependent upon your chosen device.

If the movies don't play at all, then your device just may not support streaming media playback. Some older Android, Blackberry, Nokia devices and low mid rage models from most manufactures may not be capable enough. Please also note that viewing the movies over 3g and not wireless may introduce stuttering due to limited bandwidth.

We have tested the videos on Apple, Blackberry and Android devices installed with the most recent available Mobile format operating systems














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