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Equipment loans

Moving specialist equipment from one unit to another can help support a sudden, increased patient need for very specialist care. By moving equipment to where the patient is, we can avoid putting the patient through a transfer to another unit.

The reasons for “equipment loans” can include

There have been examples of each of these loans taking place in the North West London Critical Care Network in the last 18 months.

Equipment loan form

The learning from these loans has informed the North West London Critical Care Network equipment loan form.

Equipment loan

This form provides you with the principles of equipment care and a checklist to complete to help support safe practice. You can use a copy of form whenever you lend or borrow equipment.

This form is new and we would appreciate your feedback about the form.

Catherine Sands (Chelsea and Westminster), Julie Oxton (St Mary's, ICHT), Brian Dornan (Charing Cross, ICHT), Sohan Bissoonauth (The Hillingdon Hospital) and Heather Spurgeon (The Royal Marsden) Hospitals.

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