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Critical Care in North West London

Network Event - May 2012

Report - Network event May 2012

Presentations - Network event May 2012

Strategic framework
The Network first developed a Critical Care strategic framework document for critical care services in North West London in 2008. The framework is updated each year through discussion with clinical and operational staff from trusts within the network and in response to patient experience from various sources. It is shared within North West London and with other Networks.

NWLCCN Adult Critical Care Strategic Development Framework

The Critical Care strategic framework is designed to show various types of health services and their distribution and which ones are dependent on having access to critical care beds and enhanced skills in order to be safe for patients. It sets out the type of critical care that is needed to support patients being admitted - for example - as emergency or elective patients, medical or surgical as well as sub specialties such as maternity or vascular patients.

Smaller and bigger critical care units
The meeting considered the learning from ICU redevelopments in London including the

The meeting also agreed

3 CPD credits (Royal College of Anaesthetists) were available for this event

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