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High Velocity Gun Shot Wounds & Bomb Blast Injuries

Network Event - September 2011

Programme - High Velocity Gun Shot Wounds & Bomb Blast Injuries

Learning from the Military
This event was run by the Network, to support greater resilience in responding to mass casualty incidents involving patients with high velocity gun shot and bomb blast injuries.
It was attended by 180 senior clinical staff from critical care, emergency departments, trauma, and ambulance services as well as members of the DH Emergency planning team.

Our three Military speakers helped us consider

Definitive clinical messages included

Together we identified ways to save more lives by

With grateful thanks to Colonel Rob Russell RAMC, Wing Commander Simon Turner RAF and Major Tom Konig RAMC.

Mass Casualty Emergency Department & Critical Care Consumables List

This list describes high volume clinical consumables required in the event of mass casualties. It has been produced by multi disciplinary clinical staff. It supports stockpile intelligence and emergency restock situations.

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