The requirements for revalidation include:

Revalidation will help to encourage a culture of sharing, reflection and improvement amongst nurses and midwives and will be a continuous process that nurses and midwives will have to engage with throughout their career. It will allow nurses and midwives to demonstrate that they practice safely and effectively, strengthening public confidence in the nursing and midwifery professions.

Revalidation is about promoting good practice across the whole population of nurses and midwives. It’s not an assessment of a nurse or midwife’s fitness to practice.

Allied Healthcare Professionals

AHPs including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians and others involved in the care of critically ill or injured patients are registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council. The council standards for professional practice outline the skills and knowledge each group of professionals must have and each year the individual practitioner registers confirming they have attained these standards. Each practitioner maintains a portfolio of evidence which can be reviewed by the HPC at any time in the year.

Information regarding revalidation and continuous professional development for doctors can be found here

Network Events
The North West London Critical Care Network will support critical care clinicians in acheiving their revalidation goals by making revalidation principles a central tenet in medical Network events, offering material and documents to support revalidation wherever possible.

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