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The North West London Critical Care Network is a large Network by UK and international standards, covering a population of 1.8 million(1.5 million adults) and 10% of the funded critical care capacity of England.

It functions by successfully combining

The Network’s fundamental philosophy is to knit neighbouring acute Trusts, units, clinicians, and their commissioners into close collaboration through shared clinical pathway development, service improvement, and networked professional development.

The Critical Care Network is a strategic alliance of 19 hospitals and 8 Clinical Commissioning Groups (formerly PCT's) and is based at NHS Ealing CCG in Greenford. The Network is established to deliver a variety of cross sector provider work streams (for economies of scale, for consistency and innovation) as well as advise on and trouble shoot critical care commissioning within the sector. The Network also works up critical care emergency planning guidance to national level.

Acute Hospitals in the Critical Care Network


8 Clinical Commissioning Groups

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LondonAmbulance Service

Higher Education Institutions

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North West London Critical Care Network,     Network Office,     15 Marylebone Road,     London,     NW1 5JD

+ 44 (0)203 350 4124

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