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Rehabilitation & Follow Up

Rehabilitation after critical illness

As part of our ongoing commitment to rehabilitation after critical illness we are supporting and working collaboratively within hospitals to support patients and clinical staff within Primary care.

As we develop tools and information these will be made freely available. We also share any resources that might be helpful to clinical staff supporting them to deliver care to patients and carers rehabilitating after critical illness.

Additional resources

Free training for clinical staff - Chelsea Critical Care Physical Assessment (CPAx) is a simple new assessment tool designed to measure functional recovery from critical illness. This 30-40 minute module has been developed for therapists and nurses intending to use the CPAx in clinical practice. Although primarily aimed at physiotherapists to complete, this module would be suitable for any clinician with experience of mobilising patients in critical care. This has kindly been made available for any staff wishing to undertake the module. Thank you to Eve Corner at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital who has made this training freely available.