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Network Digital Strategy

The Network digital strategy aims to take advantage of how clinical staff and trainees use information and communication technology to learn, to share and to train – all with the core emphasis on improving patient care and reducing variation in standards of care provided.

We have different elements to our digital strategy including

  • continually developing this website
  • devising common Network training films
  • influencing critical care sections on Trust intranetsand using technology to support critical care service collaboration across North West London.

Our website is a one stop shop for information and tools about critical care whether you are

  • a clinician close to the patient in need
  • a former patient or a patient’s carer or loved one looking for information about critical care
  • a commissioner
  • anyone needing to know about critical care services

Training and Educational films about critical care
All units (including ED, critical care services, wards) need to induct, train and regularly update their staff. The Network develops and provides accessible, portable educational material with expert content, to help support common training needs across North west London. Clinical staff can use these materials to deliver training locally. This means its much easier to deliver training with consistent content and local experts can be brought into training sessions by video.

Intranet access
All of the Network’s educational filmed material is also loaded directly onto Trust intranets. This has been made possible through the cooperation of the IT and communications teams in all the acute Trusts, liaising with the local clinicians to ensure that the right staff have access to the materials.

Collaboration and meetings
We continue to offer multiple ways for clinicians to attend or be part of collaborative work and meetings so as to reduce the time away from the clinical environment whilst still facilitating engagement

Future projects
More training videos are being planned as part of the next phase of the digital strategy, including

transfer of the critically ill child
more in the series of Evacuation and shelter.
and specific medical devices
Get involved
Having watched the videos you may have ideas for future topics or want to get involved in network activities please contact the network.