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A bad day at the office: evacuation, contamination & escalation

Network Event - September 2008

Programme  - Network Event September 2008

Network Report – Emergency incidents

This event brought together emergency planners, critical care and emergency department staff to consider several major incidents directly affecting critical care. These included

Fire- resulting in the complete evacuation of an ICU to another hospital;
Contamination – with radiation from Polonium-210
Poisoning – response and learning for a chemical incident
Common themes

There were common themes from the afternoon including:

Planning and preparation ;
Essential equipment;
Role of staff and diversion from normal working;
Staff communication needs;
The challenges of media management – particularly in single site incident
Business continuity
The event report contains top tips for thinking ahead and considering how you can prepare and respond.

With grateful thanks to our guest speakers who agreed to share their learning points from the event