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Clinical Pathways

Network Event - July 2010

Programme - Network Event July 2010

Report - Clinical Pathways 2010

This event, organised by the Network, brought together clinical representatives from each critical care site within the Network to consider a number of clinical pathways between organisations:

Acute Kidney Injury and acute dialysis

Understand the current pathways for AKI and acute dialysis in North West London;
Identify opportunities for collaborative working between the AKI/Acute Dialysis service and critical care;
External environment changes

Share and update on current intelligence regarding changes to the external environment at DH, SHA, sector and local level;
Priority setting for critical care services in North West London;
Identify and confirm patient priorities across trusts in relation to critical care services;
Identify core actions and issues to take forward through a range of mechanisms as a Network of organisations;
By the end of the afternoon core elements had been identified to include in the next work programme for the Network to improve patient experience and outcomes in the sector.